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1. Call US

Call us. We want to talk about your project. We'll help you fill outthe project form. You're ready for step 2.

2. Upload

You can send us your disks or you can upload your film to our encrypted servers.

3. Prepare

We will provide all the services you ordered in the first step (proxy files, offline, etc.) and send properly prepared materials to all post-production departments.  

Next, we will collect the materials from them, performand we're ready for the next stage. We will take care of everything so that you can do your job easily.

4. Color Grading

V1 - Hi-End Precision
We can send you a display with the prepared software so that you can actively participate in the color correction process and be sure that the image you see is the reference image.

V2 - Efficiency
We can send you a link to an encrypted player thanks to which you will be able to participate in the color correction process on your monitor. All you need is internet access.

V3 - Speed and Time Saving
We can also perform color correction without your participation, providing you with the effect of our work on an ongoing basis and giving you the opportunity to create notes.

5. Finishing / Delivery

Sound, vfx, graphics, film credits, subtitles - we put it all together and deliver it in all required formats.